Cosori KAAPAFCSNUS0021 vs Kalorik FT 47821 BKSS

Great portability and lightweight design
Self-contained unit for easy use
Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
Great size for small families or limited counter space
Multiple cooking options and features
Easy-to-clean removable tray
Stainless steel design matches decor
Quick heat up and efficient cooking
Not ideal for larger families or cooking larger portions
May not have as many features as other air fryers on the market
Can be a bit noisy during operation
Not ideal for larger families or those needing a larger capacity
Some customers have experienced issues with the silver finish on the basket peeling off
Short power cable may be inconvenient for some users


The Cosori KAAPAFCSNUS0021 is a lightweight and portable air fryer that is easy to use and clean. It is dishwasher safe and has a self-contained unit design. The product is highly recommended for those who need an extra air fryer for special occasions or for everyday use.


The Kalorik FT 47821 BKSS air fryer is a popular choice among customers. It is compact in size, making it ideal for small families or those with limited counter space. The air fryer has multiple cooking options and features, making it easy to prepare healthy and delicious meals. Customers appreciate the easy-to-clean removable tray and the stainless steel design that matches their decor. Some customers have experienced issues with the silver finish on the basket peeling off, possibly due to high-temperature settings in the dishwasher. Overall, customers are satisfied with the performance and efficiency of this air fryer.


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