Catan vs Agricola

  • Great for strategy and some luck
  • Design ensures there are variations to the game every time
  • Usually takes 60-90 minutes to play, best with four players
  • Great for modern hobby board games
  • Complex rules to learn
  • Interesting theme
  • Components of high quality
  • Good for family fun

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Agricola Review - with Ryan Metzler

They could simply place onto an action to collect resources, for example, to take this clay and place it on there, for other things they might want to do, for example, is to place onto the plough one field action, and this would allow them to place a field On the board, in order to plant something there in the future in order to get more goods, additionally, they can take an action, for example, to take the start player action that way they would be the first player to go in a future round and would be Able to take an action before anyone else had the chance to take it, so several of these actions are going to be important for gathering goods for getting food for playing those cards that I showed you earlier for building more rooms and their houses. For example, let's say they had to build another room. This would be a bad example because they could only build wooden rooms, but to show an example, they would expand their house as such and basically just to try and build up their farm by gathering resources and building more cards at the end of a turn. Players are going to take all of their workers back and place them back onto the board after they've done so they're going to start the next round and again they would stock up the resources so they'd, add more wood and you'll see that these resources will build Up if no one takes them, they'd add another clay which now only has one, because it was taken previously another reed and some more food, and then they would flip the next card and so you'll see as the game goes on
5 months ago



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