Canik TP9 Elite vs Glock G44

Great trigger
Excellent safety features
Reliable and comfortable
Good value for the price
Great reliability and accuracy
Similar size to Glock 19
Works well as a plinker or target shooting option
Not mentioned frequently enough to generate any significant cons.
Not as exciting as some competitors
Some initial issues reported
Not the best choice for those looking for a unique or standout .22 pistol


The Canik TP9 Elite receives positive reviews for its excellent trigger, safety features, and overall value. Some reviewers mention the need for night sights and a subcompact version, but overall, the gun is praised for its reliability and comfort. The fact that it is made in Turkey may be a concern for some, but the gun's quality and competitive pricing make it a strong contender in the market.


The reviews for the Glock G44 are mixed, with some praising its reliability and accuracy, while others find it disappointing and boring. Many reviewers suggest alternative .22 pistols for plinking or target shooting, but some appreciate the G44's similarity in size to the Glock 19. Overall, opinions on the G44 are divided, with some recommending it and others suggesting alternative options.


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