Black Diamond Impulse 98 vs Völkl JR. Revolt Flat

Great fun and playfulness
Quick and stable underfoot
Perfect for intermediate to expert skiers wanting to explore the whole mountain
Great twin tip option for smaller, younger skiers
High-quality materials
Lightweight design
Cool, creative look
Not very durable and can be easily damaged
Not ideal for hard pack
Softer than expected
Some customers may prefer a stiffer ski for their needs


Overall, the Black Diamond Impulse 98 is a highly enjoyable ski that delivers on its promise of fun and playfulness. It is quick and stable underfoot, making it a great choice for intermediate to expert skiers looking to explore the whole mountain. However, some reviewers have noted that the ski can be easy to damage. Despite this, the ski receives a resounding thumbs up from most reviewers.


The Völkl JR. Revolt Flat receives mixed reviews, with some customers finding them softer than expected and not performing well on hard pack, while others appreciate their easy navigation in moguls and high-quality materials. The ski is praised for being a great twin tip option for smaller, younger skiers who want a ski with a good core. Customers also appreciate the lightweight design and cool, creative look of the ski. Overall, the Völkl JR. Revolt Flat seems to be a good option for younger skiers who prioritize maneuverability and style over hard pack performance.


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