Black Crows Junius vs Fischer Ranger JR

Great balance for both off-piste and groomer skiing
Versatile in different conditions and terrain
Recommended for children transitioning to all-mountain and park skiing
Prompt delivery and good condition upon arrival
Great performance on the slopes
Comparable to other well-known brands
Suitable for early season skiing
Comfortable for a 10-year-old to use
Not mentioned by customers
Not mentioned in the reviews


Overall, the Black Crows Junius receives positive reviews from customers who have purchased them for their children. The 80cm waist is noted as a good balance for both off-piste and groomer skiing. The ski is also praised for its versatility in different conditions and terrain. Customers appreciate the prompt delivery and good condition of the product upon arrival. The ski is recommended for children transitioning to all-mountain and park skiing.


The Fischer Ranger JR received positive reviews from a family who tested them out on the slopes. The skis were compared favorably to the Rossignol Experience, which the family's 10-year-old had been using for the past two years. The skis were used for early season skiing in Pennsylvania and were found to perform well. No negative comments or criticisms were mentioned in the reviews.


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