Atomic Redster S7 vs Nordica Dobermann SL Race Plate

Great fun factor
Responsive and agile
Suitable for advanced skiers
Good for carving turns
Lightweight and easy to maneuver
Great precision and stability on the race course
Added power and responsiveness with the race plate
Durable construction built for racing demands
Quick turns and maximum control
Excellent performance for serious racers
Not suitable for beginners
Can be unstable at high speeds
Not ideal for powder or off-piste skiing
Not suitable for all skiers due to its stiffness
May require a higher skill level to fully utilize its capabilities
Not ideal for recreational skiing or non-competitive use


The reviewer had a great time testing the Atomic Redster S7 and found it to be a fun ski to use. They did not provide any further details or opinions on the product.


The Nordica Dobermann SL Race Plate receives high praise from reviewers for its exceptional performance on the race course. Its precision and stability make it a top choice for competitive skiers. The race plate provides added power and responsiveness, allowing for quick turns and maximum control. The ski's construction is durable and built to withstand the demands of racing. Some reviewers note that the ski may be too stiff for some skiers, but overall, the Nordica Dobermann SL Race Plate is a top-performing ski for serious racers.


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