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Logitech M350 Pebble Wireless Mouse

Wear and Tear

Owned for 1.5 years, used Daily

Stress Points
left click button starts getting stuck from time to time. it doesn't always happen and it's still usable, but it slows down my work to the point that i had to use a different mouse when it happens
Positive Remarks
it's very quiet and the battery lasts very long
Would you buy it again?



  • u/LHW18128 months ago

    I had very good experiences with Logitech support, if your mouse died that early in it's life, there is a good chance that they will replace it.
  • Alex8 months ago

    Logitech is notorious for bad buttons (I've gone through so many M570 trackballs before this...) but one nice thing is that they use pretty standard switches. After my 4th or 5th M570 broke I disassembled it and replaced the buttons/switches with ones from Kailh ($7 on amazon + a bit of experience soldering) and it has lasted for 2-3 years with no sign of missed or double clicks!
  • 8 months ago

    Have you tried cleaning underneath the button? Sometimes some stuff gets trapped or builds up in between.
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