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Logitech G304 Lightspeed

Repair Not Available

Owned for 1 years, used Daily

Stress Points
The USB receiver started malfunctioning, presumably because of firmware corruption or some hardware issue. It is unable to be detected as a working USB device in Windows. It malfunctions just as frequently in my Linux Mint install and other devices.

Although extremely rare, there were times when the mouse would lose power/connection for a split second. No idea if this is related to the defective receiver though.

I contacted Logitech and got a full refund. I used the money for a G502 HERO. Both are great in their own unique way. I just wish I could buy a knockoff replacement receiver so I can at least use it for casual use.
Positive Remarks
Latency is unnoticeable. Great tracking. Very light, even more with the AAA to AA adapter. Good customization software; changes carry over to over PCs thanks to onboard memory. Although a bit too small for my hands, it served me well when playing CSGO.
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