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Yaesu FT-60 FM Transceiver

Still In Use

Owned for 0.5 years, used Daily

Stress Points
The original aerial and battery had both degraded and become unusable, both had to be replaced but handie talkie antennas are common and so are replacement batteries for this one, screen does seem a bit faded from age, and it is a bit big compared to newer transceivers.
Positive Remarks
Still one of the best handheld amateur radio transceivers out there for the money, built like a tank and while i've only had this one for a few months, it's been around for 16 years and multiple radio hams along the way, only a little wear and tear here and there, also has a lot of useful features for amateur radio operations on the go.

I'd buy it again only if the modern ones are built the same and my one (hopefully not) finally dies.
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