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HyperX 2 Pulsefire FPS Pro Mice

Wear and Tear

Owned for 2 years, used Daily

Stress Points
I purchased 2 HyperX Pulsefire Pro mice, one in 2018 and another in 2021. On both mice, the mouse grips became loose and would no longer stick properly very quickly, within less than 2 years of owning them, but with the newer mouse there were also issues with the scroll wheel not being aligned correctly and therefore not scrolling properly. The old mouse oddly enough did not have this issue. I thought with the newer mouse being a newer model the mouse grip issue would no longer be present, let alone have more issues, but I digress. I even tried super glue for the first mouse's grips, but that only solved the issue for a few months. While usable in this condition, it's unsatisfying to use a mouse that partially fell apart after not that much usage, especially knowing its predecessor did the exact same thing.

Furthermore, while not related to the damage, the shape of the newer mouse is not as optimal for me as the older one, in my opinion, as it is too small and arched higher, which I dislike.

Unfortunately, I cannot justify purchasing another mouse from HyperX, and will be looking into other brands for the future.
Positive Remarks
I love the shape and the familiarity I now have with these mice. I love the way it moves as I use it, and has been very mechanically reliable (particularly the older one, the newer one only when I fixed the scroll wheel system that HyperX didn't seem to design very well). The old one does show its age however, as it occasionally, especially recently, makes the cursor jump a few inches across the page, but I have not yet investigated whether or not this is related to my OS/drivers.
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