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  • Great for EDC
  • Beautiful craftsmanship
  • Solid lock up
  • Large blade size
  • Perfect presentation box


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Another Chris Reeve Masterpiece!
The Chris Reeve Umnumzaan is a work of art exhibiting world class craftsmanship. The knife arrived carefully packaged and the presentation box was in perfect condition. It’s a larger knife and locks up solid.-no blade play! I recommend this knife for anyone desiring a well built larger knife. It arr...
2 years ago
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Chris Reeve Knives Umnumzaan Review |
Chris Reeve Knives Umnumzaan Review – Final Thoughts..The CRK Umnumzaan is just an absolutely fantastic knife
6 months ago
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TI Tuesday.... I think I'm "done"...kinda....mabes
Look at this peasant with only four Holts.
Also, I don't think that Umnumzaan fits the vibe, you should sell it. I can help.
1 year ago
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State of the collection. I love every one of these!
Hell yeah great taste, a umnumzaan and a otf would be nice to add also down the road. I'm searching for a malibu right now
10 months ago
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NKD Demko 20.5 and SOTC. Think I’m in the endgame now, maybe I’ll add a Rotten Evo or Roosevelt someday… any other suggestions to try?
Well, you don't have a token CRK. Love my Umnumzaan, especially now that I've opened it about 2000 times and it's gotten real smooth. Great knife for actually, ya know, cutting stuff.
1 year ago
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NKD Demko AD-20 Compact Custom (Middle) & rest for size comparison
I LOVE what u did to the umnumzaan. Is that custom work or was it a special edition Zaan. Love the color contrast on the front scale. If custom work. Could you share who did it and would you recommend them. Thanks
1 year ago
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Best EDC
I have owned this knife for 2 weeks now and am absolutely amazed at how much I like it. Being somewhat of a knife collector, I am always looking for the next best thing. This has stopped my looking, this is such an amazing edc. If you have any doubts about it, write them off now and buy this one!
Amazon Customer
3 years ago
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If you had ~$800 and could buy 2 or 3 nice folding knives, what would they be and why?
CRK Umnumzaan and a Hinderer xm18 3.5! Slightly over but I’d say that’s worth it.
1 year ago
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Standard Chris Reeves excellence!
Thank you Sooner state knives for awesome service, as usual. Ordered on Wednesday afternoon, and it was in my hands in under 48 hours. Love the knife. I own an Inkosi, and wanted to try something a little different. This knife has a much more "tactical" feeling, with its wicked blade shape, silent o...
3 years ago
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First Chris Reeve Knife
I found the handle shape and clip placement of the Inkosi to not be very comfortable. The new clip placement on the Sebenza 31 also isn’t ideal but the more rectangular handle shape makes it a little more comfortable. Honestly, even though the Inkosi has thicker blade stock I never felt the Sebenza ...


Knife Blade Type

Straight Edge

Locking Blade


Number of Blades

1 Blade

Max Blade Length (in.)

3.24 inches