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Sennheiser HD6XX

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  • Great for listening to music
  • Comfortable
  • Open back design
  • Neutral sound profile
  • Balanced, spacious soundstage


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Natural sound -- Love them -- best sound stage I've experienced
Even tho they are open back, you have to be right next to them to hear anything. Ears don't hurt, or sweat, and doesn't sound like your in a tank. Decided noise cancellation was only nice on an airplane, and I preferred wired, donl't have to turn on or charge. If you have eyeglasses or hearing aides...
Don H
4 months ago
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By bass qualtiy, my rating indicates good REFERENCE sound, not bone-shaking "add-on" bass
What can you say about the near-universal studio reference headphone (not that studios have ONLY Sennheiser 6-series, but almost none have NO Sennheisers of this lineage lol). Unlike many longtime WAV-heads, I don't have a long history with the ancestor of this headphone, the HD650...but I am TOTALL...
Mark C.
1 month ago
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I've gone through 3 different cables for my Sennheiser HD6xx. The first two Massdrop replaced for free and then the 3rd one I bought from Sennheiser direct. All of them eventually fail right where the cable terminates to the 2.5mm trrs plugs. I did some googling and see that people like Peripat, but I'm not really prepared to pay $90 USD.
Wireless Headphones Comparison: Sony WH-1000XM3 vs Bose QuietComfort 35 II vs Beats Solo Pro
Granted I am comparing to bassy headphones, but even compared to my Sennheier HD6xx, they have minimal bass and no punch. The midrange again lacks in the low end, but the upper mids are fine, if not forward.
Most comfortable and not tiring headphones for 150$
Sounds like you'd like the Sennheiser HD6XX, it's really comfortable, quite big pads, and the sound is very non-fatiguing, it has some bass but it never gets to a point where it's too much, the treble is detailed but not fatiguing at all, and the mids are *great*.
I'm not the only one who relates to this right
I had someone trying to shame me for enjoying my Sennheiser HD6xx after I bought them. "Oh, you should've bought some used HD600s" and trying to convince me the 6xx's sound like garbage. I just ignored him and went back to my music, which sounds great thank you very much. Best pair of headphones I've owned.
My trusty headphones (SteelSeries Arctis Pro), which I loved despite their flaws, unfortunately gave out (plastic housing fell apart, the electronics are still good), so I've started looking into replacements, and I was considering the opportunity to up my game a little bit. I've been searching around, and currently am considering going into something more audiophile oriented, likely the Sennheiser HD6XX given its high reputation for being great quality without making a hole in your wallet, but willing to consider other options up to around $400 USD ($500 CAD).
What makes getting a pair of "audiophile" quality headphones worth it over a more "generic" pair of headphones
One taught me what good highs can sound like, another why mids are important... Ect. You don't need to spend a lot of money for good sound. While my favorite pair of headphones are my Sennheiser HD6XX, my most used pair of headphones is an $18 pair of Koss KSC75's, which after experiencing all the other headphones, I feel I appreciate when you find a good sounding pair of budget headphones even more. TL;DR, good sounding headphones can help train your ear to things you've been missing.
The sennheiser Hd6xx is more warm and detailed with not as much bass but it has quality bass (some dude told me, don't remember him). I will mostly game with them on PS4 and watch movies.
Sennheiser HD 6XX
The Sennheiser HD 6XX are open-back wired headphones. They're a collaboration between Massdrop and Sennheiser, and can only be purchased on the Drop website. They have a neutral, balanced sound profile that's suitable for listening to lots of different audio content, and their open, spacious soundstage can help create a more immersive listening experience
Jake Thauvette
1 month ago
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