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Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

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An excellent Mid Range Tablet that performs well.. Here is my detailed review.
* UPDATED REVIEW after I used this tablet for a while now. * First of all, I usually buy my tablets and phones from Amazon, but at the time I wanted to purchase this tablet (the day it was released), it was out of stock, so I purchased it at a store near my home. Also, I am a techy type, so the purp...
Daisy S
2 years ago
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Galaxy Tab S7 FE 5G silver 64 GB( German Samsung website)
And the SoC is useless for games like Fortnite, and for lighter task the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is a much better bargain. 270€ on Amazon, 4GB RAM, 64GB and S Pen included. It started with Android 10, got 11 and will get 12 and 13 (confirmed by Samsung). For 380€ less all you really lose is screen resolution, the faster USB standard and a better SoC that won't make much difference.
List of the Best Budget Tablets to Buy this Year
In the Android Ecosystem, I would really recommend the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite and the A7. None beats Samsung when it comes to Android Tablets. According to my research, of all the processors, Qualcomm Snapdragon is the secondfastesr processor (the first one is Apple).
1 year ago
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Looking at the S6 Lite / S7
Yes, there's always a slight lag with Tab S6 Lite. Android 12 comes with ram plus feature, it should make it a bit faster. I'd say go for Tab S6 Lite if you need a tab just for basic tasks, little multitasking, but mainly one app at the time.
7 months ago
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Verdict - Tablet for creative users with compromises
2560 x 1600 pixels for the galaxy Tab S6.The Galaxy Tab S6 Lite only costs half of the Galaxy Tab S6, but is almost as good as a tablet for multimedia and creative users.The Wi-Fi model of the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite only costs 379 Euros (~$425), about half the price you have to pay for the flagship tablet from Samsung
Thoughts on Android tablets after my experience with the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite
Agree with most of your points, but I'm still happy with my tab S6 lite. I use it mainly for note taking, reading articles, and web browsing/reddit. It's plenty good enough for that, it's a good size. Just big enough for note taking but not too big.
2 years ago
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Affordable tablet that enables one to take notes in class
Best one is Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite. It comes with S-Pen.
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite review: A better Android tablet for everyone
 In the end, with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite you're getting an all-around tablet that's good for both entertainment and productivity.
Joshua Goldman
7 months ago
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Hi All,. I recently moved over from an iPad Air 2 to a Galaxy Tab S6 Lite.
Tab S6 lite or Tab A7 for taking notes during lectures and watching Netflix/YouTube/Anime
I'd say it's a good purchase. As the s6 lite comes with a pen and is a good tablet overall
1 year ago
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64 GB

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