Resistance Band Training Economy Fitness Package

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  • Great for people who have arthritis or other joint problems
  • Grip is better than the latex products
  • Product can be used for a variety of exercises


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Thera-band exercises a plus even in senior years
I've been using various textures of thera-band for decades, but this is the first time I've tried the "non-latex" professional version. It's only been a week but I can say I am very happy with the quality. The grip seems to be better than the latex products but I can't honestly say whether one type ...
Paul Palermo
6 years ago
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Will I ever be able to do pull ups and chin ups without a band? What am I doing wrong?
Since I first started doing these, the only improvement has been that I have been able to switch to a band with less resistance. It has been over a year now that I have made that switch, and there has been no progress since. I have tried doing pull ups and chin ups without the bands, and I still cannot do it.
1 year ago
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Therapist-quality, Latex-Free Excercise Bands for Gentle Progress
Who, besides a therapist, would 'LOVE' a product like this. Still, it works fine and there is a noticeable, if slight degree of increased resistance in this band over the green band just below it in the therapy series. I'm just one recovering hip transplant patient so buying a whole 25 some yards of...
James Ellsworth
7 years ago
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Grippy & good tension level
I got these to augment my barre/pilates classes that I teach. I got the blue/medium tension. They grip well and are very versatile (I cut them into 6-foot strips). The students love working with them.
3 years ago
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Thera-Band was delivered quickly and in fine condition.
Product arrived quickly and in advertised condition. Thank you.
R. Murray
1 year ago
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I am a Pilates teacher and have been using TheraBand ...
I am a Pilates teacher and have been using TheraBand for years. But this time the product is awful. After having my students use it 3 times, half of the bands tore in the middle of their exercises. Ouch!! Not sure if the product was very old, or if the manufacturer has changed his way of producing t...
Christian Béland
6 years ago
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Quality product, great for workouts
I use these bands for classes I teach at a local fitness center. They're great as an alternative for weight work and easier for working with a wide range of ages and fitness levels. Easy to roll out and cut to size. I got about 20 bands out of the box. Very high quality product.
4 years ago
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Quarterly Routines Megathread!
36 sets, about 30 minutes taken and you should be destroyed. It's unpleasant but highly effective.
2 years ago
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I use thera band as part of my business. It is a great product
I use thera band as part of my business. It is a great product. When I need something with more resistance I find that the latex free is much stiffer than the latex version. This product came very quickly and was a great price.
Ben Shatto
7 years ago
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Not TheraBand Quality
The quality and resistance is MUCH less than any TheraBand I've ever used. The "Extra Heavy" is more like a normal TheraBand Medium.
4 years ago
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Item Weight

2.3 Pounds

Sport Type

Exercise And Fitness/Pilates