Knipex 8702250 10-Inch Cobra Pliers - Comfort Grip

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  • Great for all-around gripping
  • Most useful all-around gripping tool to have in the home toolbox
  • 10" is good for smaller items, the 12" is good for larger items
  • Knipex pliers are by far the best ive used
  • Teeth are tight when closed and there is


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Best pliers you can get
I got the 12", 10" and 7" and they are all great pliers. Do 5 minutes of research on youtube of watching these pliers in action and you will want the whole set as well. The 7" is good for smaller items, the 10 is the one I would get if i were only getting one. The 12" is quite a lot bigger than the ...
Doc Fluty
5 years ago
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Unbelievable from a union electrician who likes to buy American
As a union electrician I try to buy American built products as much as possible but I also care about doing a good job and having the tools that make me effective and I cannot believe how well the Knipex products are they are a whole Other level and as much as I would like to buy American I will buy...
Chris Call
1 year ago
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Fantastic Pliers!
I'm in the HVAC trade, at first glance it seamed like it would be too small but I threw in my Veto TP4 anyway. These little pliers ended up being the right size and can accomplish most tasks that I need them to. If I'm doing an install they're perfect for working inside disconnects and the condenser...
5 years ago
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I am extremely happy with the quality and workmanship put into their tools
I recently decided to start upgrading my tool set from consumer quality Lowe Depot tools to something that will last, and ultimately settled on Knipex. After switching over a handful of tools already, I am extremely happy with the quality and workmanship put into their tools. The teeth are tight whe...
Todd J Zupan
5 years ago
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The best for the best.
This review is based on all the Knipex pliers for all sizes. Knipex pliers are by far the best ive used. I'm a Plumber and have used a few name brands over the years. These far exceed all the others but at a price. But when your in a profession that requires durability and quality from your tools, t...
Mike Mags
7 years ago
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No buyer's remorse here.
I have been a mechanic of sorts for most of my adult life. Over thebyears I have discovered the value of well made tools. Most of the time they can be overpriced and some people feeld that way about knipex. You will find that even though these are about 2 to 3 times the cost of your average pair of ...
Steven J. Headlee
3 years ago
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Initially expensive...keeps paying dividends due to great design
These sure are pricey...and I keep buying more Knipex. I am refitting an old sailboat, and there is a lot of stubborn hardware. Everything is also at odd angles, difficult to reach and corroded. BUT...not everything needs to be destroyed. The grips allow good control, and the machining on the busine...
5 years ago
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Knipex is quality
These will hold worn out fasteners better than the leading competition. Will adjust to many sizes of fasteners with the strength stronger than basic pliers. Just remember that these will mar your fasteners, but at least they come off. These hold pipes very well too. Pay the extra money, purchase the...
4 years ago
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Some of the best pliers you can get
Great feel. Nice finish. Very little play in the action. Positive lock to keep adjustments in place. Tolerances are tight. Comfort grip makes it easier to grip fasteners tight. If you appreciate fine craftsmanship in your tools, you’ll love these. These are the type of tools you use your whole life ...
Andrew Armitage
9 months ago
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The best. Period.
I've used several high dollar Europe/USA/Japan pliers and these are hands down my favorite. Best of all, they were a star in ProjectFarm's youtube shootout. They're strong, feel extremely tight with tolerances, nothing wobbles or is loose and they're really comfortable to use. Not the only Knipex to...
Drew Lankford
8 months ago
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Item Dimensions LxWxH

10 x 2.15 x 0.75 inches

Item Weight

0.82 Pounds