Bellroy Sling Mini

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  • Great for city walks
  • Compression straps help minimize bulk
  • Material is rough, not comfortable to handle
  • Size is perfect for Asian female frame
  • Color in real life is a lot darker than what’s shown in the product photos


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Bellroy Sling Mini Review | Pack Hacker
Wrap Up..The Sling Mini has some praise-worthy features carried over from the Sling and even improves some of its aspects
5 months ago
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Material too rough, size a little small for the big iPhone and Ray-Ban sunglasses in case
The concept was good, looping the strap back to act as compression straps, automatically minimizing the bulk of the pack. The size looked about right, so I ordered it. The material was rough, not comfortable to handle. It grated on my clothes. If a bag material is not comfortable to handle, I don't ...
2 years ago
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​. Bellroy Sling Mini: The access on this back just seems super awkward, and i'm not crazy about it's organization options.
Exactly as described
I bought this about 1 month ago. Moose Jaw had it in stock and delivered it very quickly. The bag is perfect for my needs in the city. Lots of storage space and easily goes cross body. Highly recommend
Philly guy
1 year ago
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Still too large
I got the mini sling thinking it would fit my small Asian female frame better. It’s still a bit big (the bag in comparison to my body) and even at the tightest setting, the band was too large to clip around my waist. I ordered the blue and the color in real life is a lot darker (more of a navy blue)...
2 years ago
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Bellroy Sling Mini Review (Initial Thoughts)
It just doesn't match the premium, look and feel the rest of the bag. It is on the inside, but it does have a little bit of a thinner kind of ribbon here and this ITW plastic. I mean it's ITW saw it for hardware, but you know you've just got this metal hardware on the outside and this kind of fit like buckle here, and it just feels like this just feels out of place on the sling itself
Pack Hacker Reviews
6 months ago
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Big value in small bag
This bag is perfect. I wanted a small but sufficiently large enough bag that was comfortable but compact and could hold my wallet, keys, cell phone, mask, passport and reading/sunglasses. I just finished a long trip with this bag, and never misplaced any items despite constantly shifting from plane ...
donal hartman
1 year ago
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Love how light it is
I'm a female and not too particularly into fancy leather purses. This acts as my purse and goes well with casual wear. The material feels really nice. Also, had got this for hot summer months when I walk the dog or run a quick errand, but don't have pockets to put a few items in, but don't want to c...
Kathy R
2 years ago
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The Bellroy Sling Is Back...And Smaller! - The Bellroy Sling Mini
Well, everyone that is the bellroy sling mini. It has all the good things from the original bellroy sling, just in a smaller package. It allows you to empty out your pockets of all its gear, it's great for traveling, storing all your essentials in a slim and sleek slim if you're interested in getting the sling mini, there's going to be some affiliate links in the description below
6 months ago
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All Hail the Aer Day Sling 2 (Xpac)
The main pocket is strangely similar in size to the front pocket but the organisation is way over the top for a sling of this size in my opinion and takes up valuable space. The two issues above means that I wasn’t able to carry my memobottle and iPad mini and Ricoh GR3 at the same time. I’ve since sold both of them and replaced them with a Bellroy lite sling. I use a Modern Dayfarer active sling and an original City Sling for lighter carry as Bellroy’s smaller slings are almost unusable I reckon.



B Corp


4.7 x 10.2 x 4.7 in.

Pack Pockets (+ main compartment)


Pack Capacity

4 Liters / 244 Cubic inches