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Mac OS X 10.8 restricted to App Store, signed apps by default
I think this Macbook Air will be my last Apple computer. I'm done with the company if they're going to play these kinds of games.
M1 MacBook Pro and Air review: Apple delivers
M1 Apple Macbook Air could be my first Apple product. Very impressed after watching the reviews.
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Unacceptable camera. Grainy zoom video.
I'm a fan of apple products and I like almost everything about this new MBA. But it has one huge flaw that nobody talks about. It's the camera hardware and it hasn't been updated in ages. My zoom calls are so grainy and bad even with decent light. A $1000 laptop with 10 year old front camera is unac...
2 years ago
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Quick benchmarks of some games on the new M1 Macbook Air
* 2560x1600 is the native res for the Macbook Air - not just some random resolution I decided upon. * the MBA really hasn't got that hot during this testing. I previously owned the 2017 12" Macbook, and you could feel the spot above the keyboard that would get very hot. On the new MBA the bit above the keyboard is warm, but not scalding hot like I expected!.
2 years ago
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After using a Chromebook through most of college, I drank the kool-aid!
Wow, the M1 Air is a major step up from a Chromebook. You're going to enjoy it - I guarantee it! Enjoy the iPad, too!
1 year ago
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The best deals on MacBooks right now
The 2020 MacBook Air, one of the best laptops you can get, is now available at Amazon starting at $949.99.
With multiple configurations and various models to choose from, including ones equipped with Apple’s M1 processor, finding a deal on a MacBook or Mac Mini is not all that difficul...
7 months ago
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Lifetime Windows user switched to Macbook M1. I think im converted and here is why.
Speaking of their store; apps are more expensive but the apple store is worlds better than the microsoft store. * Not a touchscreen. Most of the MacBook Air competitors I was considering had a touchscreen. In short, I would definitely buy another and I don’t have any regrets.
1 year ago
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[Another M1 Rave] Got an M1 MacBook Air, and...
I got a base model M1 MacBook Air (7 cores, 8GB RAM, 256GB storage). I had some pretty huge reservations about biting the bullet, despite having just come from using a 12.9" iPad Pro 2020 for all my computing needs. I wasn't sure how stable it would be or how it would perform, etc., yadda yadda. But after a couple days with this thing, I have no fucking idea how I've ever used anything else.
2 years ago
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Apple MacBook Air 13 (M1, 2020)
The Apple MacBook Air 13 (M1, 2020) is a laptop that features Apple's M1 SoC (System-on-Chip). It's very easy to carry around due to its compact size, and its battery easily lasts through a typical 8-hour workday. It has a good keyboard, an excellent touchpad, and a great webcam for video calls
Alexander Tozzi
7 months ago
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In terms of performance
That MacBook Air is the best computer I ever had. I never want to hear a computer fan again, can’t go back now.
1 year ago
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Model Name

MacBook Air

Screen Size

13.3 Inches

Hard Disk Size

256 GB