Apple AirPods Pro Max

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  • Great for all genres of music
  • Sweat resistant
  • No need to charge
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Easy to use


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AirPods Max
For me, I have some beats flex which are great for small portable phones which also are well integrated with the Apple devices. Before them, I had some nice Sennheiser wired phones.The promise of the Airpods Max is to be very high quality headphones, which are in that rough price range. On top of that the complete integration into the Apple universe and some nice functions like the spacial audio, which had been well received with the AirPods Pro.
The champs. These combine the best Apple ANC with transparency mode, solid aesthetics, super-low distortion, amazing bluetooth range, long battery life and... a comfortable, stable fit that requires some getting used to.
Best Apple AirPods for 2022
There are a handful of Apple AirPods models available, including the AirPods Pro and AirPods Max. But which are the absolute best AirPods? It's down to your earbud preference, really, but that's why CNET's here to help. Apple now has an older entry-level AirPods model that will be selling for as low...
David Carnoy
7 months ago
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How do the AirPods Max sound?
It’s not that the AirPods Max are comparable to analog cans in the same price range, it’s that most people (particularly YT reviewers in consumer tech) listen to shit headphones coming from shit sources streaming shitty-quality tracks. That said, I just got these and they aren’t bad. I won’t be using them when I’m at home and have much better options, but when I’m out of the house, I find them to be much better soundwise than my B&W PX or my old Sony XM3s.
2 years ago
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AirPods now range between $129–$549
Off the bat, if you want over-ear headphones, obviously the AirPods Max are the ones you should buy. They are also the top choice for sound quality and offer features the others don’t, ranging from active noise cancellation to an H1 chip and sensors in each ear cup
Sheena Vasani
7 months ago
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Amazing Comfort & Sound Quality
For clarification: I purchased these on I am just posting my review here. When you take these headphones out of the box you immediately notice the weight. Seeing as they are made of mostly metal, besides the replaceable ear cups and headband, this is not too surprising. The metal gives th...
2 years ago
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Excellent headphones, made in the typical "first draft" Apple way
Full disclosure: I purchased these headphones back in April 2021 and gave them some break-in time (until June 2021) before I reviewed them, so this is my experience of having them for more than 90 Days. I owned a pair of Beats Studio Wireless 2's for about 4 years, and they were a useable set of can...
Jay Hash
1 year ago
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The next day, I might commute from a hotel to an office, where I might spend 8 hours straight on conference calls and client calls. Wired earbuds tend to have crappy, inconsistent microphones that aren't appropriate for long client calls. Wireless earbuds have limited battery life (Apple Airpods Pro only work for 5 hours straight), and add charging hassle.
Apple AirPods Max Wireless
The Apple AirPods Max Wireless are premium over-ear headphones. They have an active noise cancelling (ANC) feature that helps significantly reduce noise like bus engines or office chatter around you. Their warm sound profile and balanced mid-range are also well-suited for a variety of audio content
Dagobiet Morales Alfaro
7 months ago
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AirPods Max 1 year on | Long-term review | Mark Ellis Reviews
However, the price is dropping and you've probably noticed throughout this entire review that I have been saying they're the best at this best at that quite regularly. And that's true. These are a stunning pair of headphones
Mark Ellis Reviews
1 month ago
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