Amazon Fire HD 8

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  • Great for reading and watching movies, with good battery life
  • Available in 8" or 10" sizes
  • No Google Play store, but can be sideloaded
  • Some features not available on other tablets


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When I was done with these optimizations, I found that the Amazon Fire HD performed exactly the same as the Smart Tab M8. These devices have nearly identical specs, so its no surprise that they perform the same, it just took a bit more work to get the Amazon tablet de-crapified. I was happy that I could continue to use the Amazon Fire HD8's throughout the house, and kept the single Lenovo tablet in my office.
Show HN: A dynamic version of 300 CSS Properties to learn and practice
fyi... On Amazon's Fire HD 8 (2017, 8" tablet) running bromite: my mobile experience is very good. Fast page load, fluid scrolling. Have not tested it on my desktop yet (FF on KDE Neon Plasma/Ubuntu 18.04... LTS).
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Great tablet (Amazon, why was my first review removed?)
The media could not be loaded. I enjoy reading books and watching videos on my new Kindle. - Screen and Size: I appreciate the form factors -- it has sufficient screen size for my use but also very portable to carry around. The display quality of the 8 inch screen is great, everything is crisp and s...
Tools. Electro. DIY
2 years ago
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Apple Shipped More Tablets Than Samsung and Amazon Did Combined Last Quarter
Beating Amazon is a huge accomplishment. The Amazon Fire tablets are a fraction of the cost of iPads. The iPad is a much better machine, no error. But price is important too.
A $110 tablet that’s good for watching Prime video and not much else
Pretty good. .The Fire HD 8 line also uses USB-C to charge instead of microUSB
Dieter Bohn
7 months ago
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Verdict - All around improved
Regardless of whether the user chooses to have or get rid of the "special offers," thanks to the heavily adapted FireOS, the Fire HD 8 (2020) is mainly worthwhile for Amazon customers who also make extensive use of the company's services.
Mike Wobker
7 months ago
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I snagged a Fire tablet on Prime day for $45 and turned it into my home control center.
My Fire HD 8 is sitting on the window sill, reminding me that my Amazon day impulse is still waiting ... Thanks for these details, I wasn't sure what software to look for.
With upgrades, Amazon's 2020 Fire HD 8 costs more but remains a bargain
The Fire HD 8 has always been a handy tablet for consuming Amazon video content, ebooks and music, and it's still particularly useful for Prime members.
David Carnoy
7 months ago
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Amazon’s middle-sized tablet gets an upgrade
It was about time the Amazon Fire HD 8 got an upgrade, given that tablets from the company tend to be updated roughly every other year, and in mid-2020 it was the turn of the medium-sized tablet from the company, which previously got an upgrade in 2018.
Launched alongside the Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus v...
53 years ago
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Amazon's Fire HD 8 Kids Edition removes the stress of giving your child a tablet they can call their own | CNN Underscored
Amazon’s Fire HD 8 and HD 8 Plus are two incredibly affordable and capable tablets. So much so, CNN Underscored just named the HD 8 Plus our top pick for budget tablet.
Due, in part, because of its $89.99 starting price point, the HD 8 is a natural consideration for parents who are tablet s...


Display Size


Storage Capacity

32 GB

Battery Life

Up to 12 hours

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