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3M Worktunes

Early Failure

Owned for 3 years, used Weekly

Stress Points
One ear stopped working, still a very faint signal, but essentially only one ear plays anymore.
Positive Remarks
Noise canceling is great, sound quality very good, easy to use, ability to answer calls via Bluetooth handsfree very convenient. Just wish it was still in stereo.
Would you buy it again?



  • u/Aping13 months ago

    I’ve taken these apart and they are pretty easy to fix. It’s probably just a wire need replacing P.s. I agree rugged should be more rugged than this
  • u/kdar3 months ago

    I've had mine for about 2 years. No issues. I wear them all the time and love them.
  • u/unkempt_cabbage3 months ago

    Honestly, for headphones is 3 years considered that short of a lifespan? Given the beating they usually take, the amount of finicky components, etc, I’m not sure that that’s a total fail. Not exactly BIFL either though.
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