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Altra Mont Blanc Man

Early Failure

Owned for 0.5 years, used Weekly

Stress Points
After only approx. 250 km of trail running the sole started to disintegrate. They are still useable but are a certain risk running risky trails. I would have expected way longer durability. The support wasn't helpful at all.
Positive Remarks
Absolutely loved this shoe when it was new. Perfect for wider feet.
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  • r/alcate3 months ago

    after the brand is bought by private equity group, it goes to the dump really fast.
  • u/CluelessWanderer153 months ago

    I have around 150 miles in my pair on dry, steep, and rocky southwest trails and they are still fine for me. I think it's unreasonable to think these would last 300-500 miles as in normal shoes because (1) it's Altra, (2) their said (e.g. if I remember correctly in one interview with RunningWarehouse) the MB is a race shoe and won't last as long, and (3) there is not a lot of outsole base material and the lugs are short and small meaning hard downhills and the impact forces you generate are more likely to result in lug shearing and outsole peeling. I get the frustration though. It's deceptive marketing when a brand says their shoe is a "race" shoe and doesn't clearly say that the shoe, being stripped for low weight but being just enough to get the job done, will be less durable. I estimate that I'll be able to take my MB's out to 200 miles tops before the outsole lugs are so worn that I'm reluctant to take it on even my home trails. But, they run great as a road shoe so I will make up some life there.
  • u/Philosorunner3 months ago

    Altra, especially their trail offerings, seem to have an ongoing and declining issue with quality and longevity. Their “welded” (non-stitched) seams are a particularly troublesome thorn in the side. FWIW, if raw durability is a huge concern for you, their non-racing lineup seems to hold up better.
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