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Logitech G512 Carbon

Wear and Tear

Owned for 4 years, used Daily

Stress Points
1. Some of the LEDs on the keyboard stop working (lights up but one of the color is spoilt, so can't show the right color) after less than a year in. Currently at 3 years of usage, about 30-50% of the LEDs are not able to show the right color. Would recommend getting the version with non-customizable LEDs as the GHub LED profiling thing is pretty gimicky imo. 2. 2 of the number pad keys malfunctioning, will not respond to keypress sometimes. 3. Difficult to clean keyplate. You can remove the keycaps and unscrew all the screws holding the keyplate, but apparently there are additional screws holding in the keyplate from the back so you can't remove the keyplate to clean it properly. You have to wipe it with the switches still there in place which can be a pain.
Positive Remarks
Keyboard feels great to type on and is very sturdy. Generally all the important keys are still working.
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