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Noblechairs EPIC White

Wear and Tear

Owned for 3 years, used Daily

Stress Points
Base and arm rests break after just 2 years (exactly the length of manufacturer's warranty)
Positive Remarks
Comfortable, High Movement Range
Price Paid
Cost per Month
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  • TheJJJ7 months ago

    I use the 'real leather' version of this chair, which was over 100€ more expensive, but the seat shows nearly no wear at all. That was a good investment, it seems. Sadly the arm rests are far too small and wonky, far too bad for this price range. The base of the chair (between lift and seat) actually broke twice already. Once I got it replaced by Noblechairs, the second time I bought a replacement myself for about 30€. This is a standard of-the-shelf part with far too weak catch for the tilt mechanism. This is not suitable for a chair claiming to withstand 150kg. It just doesn´t. By far. Also I am underwhelmed by the backrest mechanism, that only locks on one side. These kind of chairs are produced to be replaced very soon.
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