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Razer Deathadder Elite Mouse


Owned for 2 years, used Daily

Stress Points
The switches are starting to fail. Left click regularly double-clicks. It's very rapid, so it doesn't effect me much in shooters, but gets annoying when trying to play a video or unmute myself in a video call. The right click now can't be held down in the center of the right pad. It has to be held on one edge in order to ADS, for instance. I may consider buying another one given they're pretty inexpensive, but I'll be looking at other options as well.
Positive Remarks
Very comfortable. Fits my hand better than most mice I've owned.
Would you buy it again?



  • Minion717 months ago

    If you know how to solder the switches are usualy omron button extremely cheap. I myself replaced those on an old raser mouse had it for more than 10 years and still strong with the repair
  • Hahabear7 months ago

    Might be static buildup, I tried blowing with my breath on the switches. Slow breaths create humidity between the switches, at least mine worked after doing that (3 years).
  • muis7 months ago

    I fixed my switches that did almost exactly this by taking the mouse apart and giving the switches a good alcohol soak combined with brake cleaner (in place of an "electronics cleaning spray") and scrub, going strong on 4 years now
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