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Looria collects and summarizes the most trusted reviews from across the internet.


Trustworthy Reviews are Increasingly Important

higher average conversion rate for products with reviews
check online reviews as part of their online buying journey
say it’s more important to find a trusted source of info since COVID-19

How it Works


Reviews Collected from Anywhere

Reviews are scattered across the internet, making it confusing to understand the concensus about products. We collect reviews from anywhere online and put them in one place for you.

Reviews Collected from Anywhere

Reviews Ranked Based on Quality

Fake and low-effort reviews don't help shoppers. We score reviews with fake detection and helpfulness rating to surface the best quality reviews.

Reviews Ranked Based on Quality

Research Summarized for You

With the highest quality reviews from across the internet, we provide an overall score (InternetScore) and summarize the most important information people need to know about products.

Research Summarized for You

Seamless Integration

Add reviews to your platform instantly with our widget or provide a custom experience with our API.

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